If you are a smart woman who is frustrated by your past disappointments in love relationships and you have ever had any of these thoughts….

Will I ever find true love?

I don’t want to spend the rest of my life alone!

Why do I keep ending up with the same
type of men???

Finding The Love of My Life You are here because you know that you are supposed to be in a loving, committed, fulfilling relationship. You are ready to create that partnership with someone who is deeply committed to you and wanting to support you in your dreams just as much as you want to support him or her. You are ready to make the commitment... TO YOU! You see, wanting and wishing has only gotten you so far. It’s time to take a stand. You must now fully commit to your growth and evolution so you don’t repeat the same old patterns. If you are ready to make the commitment to yourself, I am here to guide you step by step to:
    HeartIdentify the internal barriers to love that have kept you stuck
    Heart Understand how you created your previous relationship patterns
    HeartAccess your power to transform those patterns
    Heart Use your past pain as your gateway to transformation
    Heart Learn to become a magnet to love so you can stop searching
    Heart Show up differently in your next relationship using powerful new relationship skills
    Heart Make a deep commitment to yourself and BEING the Love of My Life
Ellen has used these powerful techniques to help hundreds of people in her 20+ years as a coach and therapist. Here’s what some of them have to say:
Before taking Ellen’s class, I was so shut down to the possibility of a relationship. I didn’t think I was worthy, capable or mature enough to handle my emotions after my last relationship ended badly 15 years ago. After 6 years of therapy and 1.5 years with a coach, I finally found the answers I was seeking in Finding the Love of My Life by becoming it first! I realized that it was all about me and my fears and learning how to trust myself. I had HUGE breakthroughs in learning how to love and trust myself in the course. Just days after week 4, when I wrote my Commitment Letter to myself, I began the most wonderful connection with a man that I could not even have imagined a few months ago! I am so grateful to the energies and forces in the universe that caused my path to collide with Ellen's!

Darci, Wyoming
Before working with Ellen, I had no idea what it took to create a great relationship. I thought it was an unobtainable goal for me and had given up. I would look at couples in awe who seemed so in love and connected to one another. Ellen taught me how to find the barriers I had created to love inside of me. She then guided me to find the deeper truth of my ability to love and I am thrilled to say that I am now in one of those relationships that I had only dreamt about!

Arla Hesterman, California
In the area of relationships, Ellen helped me completely turnaround my life’s dialogue. Prior to meeting with Ellen, I really thought of myself as being the “dumped” party. I couldn’t believe how much that had impacted my life! I was totally telling myself a story. And guess what? That story was untrue! Ellen taught me how to see it completely differently and as I result I see myself completely differently. She is amazing!

CS, Ohio
Why is this program different?

First of all, Finding the Love of My Life by becoming it first is not about how to ‘get a man’. It is about learning who you are in relationship to love. And who you are is based on what you believe. And the crazy thing is, we aren’t always completely aware of what we believe. We have unconscious beliefs about love, about ourselves and about "men" (or whoever you are seeking as a partner).
Finding the Love of My Life by becoming it first will teach you how to identify your “Love Stories”. These are the beliefs about yourself, love and “them”. Here are some examples from current and past clients:
  • I always end up being left
  • I am going to be alone the rest of my life
  • I am too old to find love
  • Men are emotionally unavailable
  • The good ones are all taken
  • Men want women who will take care of them
Once you have learned how to identify your “Love Stories”, I will teach you the 4-step process to transformation. The result will be a NEW Love Story. Only this one will be based on the deeper truth of who you really are. You will learn to see yourself in a new way. As a result you will show up in life in a new way. Your new Love Story will create a magnetic field for love to come to you! But these aren’t just affirmations you repeat in the mirror. My process for transforming your Love Stories is a powerful “body-felt” experience. You will EXPERIENCE IT. You will FEEL IT. You will believe it.

The second element of my program that makes it unique is that after we clear out all of the “old stuff” to create the space for love, we learn how to live life as a magnet for love. I teach you how to do this by connecting to what is already inside of you and showing up everyday in a new way. You will learn to approach ALL of your interactions and relationships from this place of GIVING love. You will no longer be going through your life looking to GET. You will be the generator of love so there is no more effort to GET. As you already know, you create everything in your life by what you give; by who you are BEING. I will teach you how to BE from this new, stronger center of yourself that has shifted with your new Love Story.

Here’s what we will cover each week:
Week 1: Getting Ready For Love

You will lay the groundwork for your journey by taking three major steps. First, shifting from victim to power in seeing past relationships. Second, creating the Invitation to Love through a powerful process of giving yourself permission to connect to your deepest yearning. And third, creating an anchor for the The Love of My Life using a process called Creationizations.
Week 2: Clearing Away the Barriers to Love

Getting Ready for Love You will gain clarity on why it is essential to “complete the past” in creating the space for love. Through exploring your perspective of the past, you will learn to grieve uncompleted losses and let go of resentment. You will begin to experience the freedom from bitterness or anger that may have kept you stuck. You will begin the “metamorphosis” of the caterpillar by giving up the life you had for the life you are creating.
Week 3: Working with Your Love Story

Your Love Story You will learn the powerful 4-step process to identify your core beliefs that have kept you repeating the same patterns. Through proven guided imagery techniques that access the right hemisphere of the brain and bypass our left-brain thinking, judging and analyzing, you will create new Love Stories. You will learn how to strengthen new ‘neural pathways’. You will learn to operate from your “adult brain” and not follow the emotional reactivity of your “child brain”.
Week 4: Completing the Past

Completing the Past As you transition to living your life from a stronger place of your “Truth”, you will make a commitment to yourself. You will be writing a Commitment Letter and gain clarity on how you will be giving yourself the things you didn’t get previously. You will experience tremendous personal power as you let go of holding others responsible for your past and move forward knowing how to co-create the life you desire.
Week 5: My Vision For Love

Vision for Love Now that you have turned the corner from past to present and co-creating the future, you will be setting a clear intention for love by using the end result you intend to create and going backwards. Using the principals of the Law of Attraction, you will learn how to focus on your End Game Plan to interpret the present and give meaning to things instead of seeing the present through the old lenses of the past. You will learn how to stand in your value to determine how you show up. You will shift from “what should I do?” to “who should I be?” to bring you
into alignment with the Vision For Love you have created.
Week 6: Shifting Focus From He to Me to We

We You will learn to balance giving and receiving by keeping the focus on self love and learning to give from that place of “I have enough love”, not from the place of emptiness and “I need to you validate that I am lovable”. From this commitment to self, you will look at what changes need to be make in all of your relationships and learn the two most essential skills for creating healthier and stronger relationships. The first is setting boundaries and the second is shifting away from blame and making others wrong to a “we-centered” approach.
Week 7: Intimacy

Intimacy You will explore living from a place of “seeing into me” (intimacy) by focusing on 'connecting to self' using 3 steps; connecting to your feelings and needs, self soothing, and using intuition as a guide for your next steps in creating the Love of My Life. Next, you will create a loving relationship with your body and your sensuality.
Week 8: Integration

Integration This final module will help you integrate and anchor in your new beliefs and ways of being. You will practice giving new meaning to obstacles when they appear in your life and learn how to use them as opportunities to experience and interpret life differently by bringing the focus back to you and what you are co-creating. Being The Love of My Life in every area opens the flow of life through you and increases your connection to others, to life and to love everywhere you go assuring that your soulmate will recognize you!
The next class will begin in March, 2012. Contact me (use link at bottom of page) to be notified of the date.

Every week you will receive homework questions and assignments to deepen and enrich your experience and transformation. Remember, that transformation is achieved through EXPERIENCE, not just talking or listening. That is why the course is limited to a small group so that there is plenty of time for each person to receive the coaching they need and to go through EXPERIENTIAL exercises each week. That is also why this program works. Even if you have spent years in therapy talking about relationship patterns and where you get stuck, Finding the Love of My Life by becoming it first! will work quickly because it is based on transformation of your Love Story from a deeper level.

It’s time to make the commitment to YOU!
Ellen HartsonAbout Ellen......
Ellen received her Masters Degree from UCLA in 1989 and began practicing as a licensed psychotherapist (LISW)specializing in couples and relationship issues. She transitioned to becoming a certified coach to reach more people in 2009 when she studied with Dr. Martha Beck, New York Times best selling author and monthly columnist for O: The Oprah Magazine. Ellen created this course after spending most of her life trying to figure out why she kept repeating the same patterns in her relationships. By combining her years of training and experience with the teachings of Katherine Woodward Thomas and Claire Zammit in Calling in the One, Ellen realized that what she learned could help thousands of women. Ellen’s mission has always been to help create more love in the world and now she has a successful formula to do that.
You can contact her at Contact Ellen.